Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Under Construction...........

I am under construction ......I have the name I want (Amelia Rose Cottage. I have the back grown I want thanks to Tammy from http://gentleretreat.blogspot.com/ My Gentle Retreat. I am working on a new picture of me for My About Me on the side bar. I would love to have a picture of roses by my name Amelia Rose Cottage. If any one out there in blog land knows of some one I could pay to put a picture by the name of my blog I would love information on how to go about this endeavor. I am also working on my sidebar.........so much to do and so little time. I hope by show and tell Friday I will have a new look to show.........Wish me luck.............Sharon K


Susie said...

Good luck on your new blog design!

Kelli said...

Good luck, Sharon Kay! I love your background!

Lady Laurie said...

I look forward to seeing the new look ~ but your blog has always been pretty!

PEA said...

I wish I could make you a new banner but you need the Photoshop program for that and I don't have it:-( I do know someone who does have it and made my new banner for me but I'm not sure if he does it for anyone so I'll email him and ask...then I'll get back to you:-) xoxo

"Early Bird" said...

If you don't find anyone before I get back from my weekend trip then I will give you a call next Monday and see what we can do about your picture!

Susie Q said...

I wish I could help...I need some help myself! I want to add a background and have no idea how!! : ) Your blog is so pretty already...I will look forward to seeing it's new look!

Have fun with it!!


Betty said...

I like your red checked curtains and the nautical look. I enjoyed reading some of your previous postings...I like vintage, too.....

smilnsigh said...

Oh how exciting! New and really wanted changes, at your blog. Have fun.

I look forward to the complete project. Well, completed... until an urge comes to tweak something again. :-)


Linda said...

What happen....I liked the wallpaper better...

Kelli said...

I'm stopping by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

judypatooote said...

I'll never figure out how to put a banner on top....i've been wanting to do so for years....i do feel the new blogger is easier though...

I can't wait to see you Thurs....at your new home...and of course meet Winston....

Well catch ya thurs....judy

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