Tuesday, October 05, 2010


This will be my practice blog,   I will write a post and put a picture under the writing.and hope it goes where I want it to go.    I can learn how to do this easy thing.   Now I will find a picture and put it on this post.

  I This is a picture of Jessica Amy Timmy and myself at Jess's wedding. It will be my 4 generation picture.

Above is a picture of Charlie and I at the wedding.   My prayer is that I can watch all of my grandchildren walk down the isle someday.  My youngest is 6 so I have to stay healthy.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

It is begining to look like Fall..............

Hi everyone, hope you are having a good day, what a lovely day in Ohio, Nocember 8th, and it was 73 degrees. It seems late in the fall for Indian Summer but I will take every nice day I can get.  I love pictures in black and white and thought I would share this one with you.  I will also share some pictures of my little cottage with you.

 Above is my Amelia Rose tree, It changes with the seasons...soon it will look like Christmas, the door wreath also changes every season..  The white chair sits on the front porch, above is my summer look.   ( I love roses)      Just a few pictures of the fall season at my little cottage.                              
                                       Love ya,             
                               Sharon K

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

When autum leaves are falling...........

Hi out there in my little blog land, we have a chill in the air and few leaves on the tree's. It is November in Ohio...cold and dark at 6:00. Makes me want to cuddle up with a warm throw and a good book. The picture above hangs in my dining room and I think it say so much about this time of year. It makes me stop and reflect on the all so many blessings I have, and how much I take for granted. I think we live our busy live day to day not realizing how much we have...until it is taken away. I have a friend who lost her mother two weeks ago and another friend who lost her daughter two days ago. I want us all to stop and realize that the family and friends we have are such an important part of our daily live.
I want to thank God for the good health I have today and hope and pray it will stay that way. I want us all to tell those close to us just how much we care.
I will try to think of a blessing each day in November and be thankful for this season we call Autumn and the day we call Thanksgiving.
We live for the bounties of fall, but the harvest of friendship and family is blessed above all. Please take the time to be thankful for all you have and to see the beauty of Autumn.
Love ya, Sharon K

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Please read my book........I mean my blog

Hi Guys,
It has been forever but I am back one more time for good....I took a long needed brake, so many things have happened in the last few months and I would like to share every little bit with all of you.
So please, pretty please stay with me, I promise I will be back every day or so, please give me one more chance to show all my loyal readers that I can do this thing they call a blog....meaning biography log.
Now I know each and every one of you want to know about me and where I go and what I do...I hope most of you anyway. I am not saying this is going to be a best seller but it will be cute and fun ....full of every day hints, decorating ideas, a few family pictures and a picture or two of Winston my little Yorkie. What have you got to lose....try me out.....I am free and it will only take a few seconds of your time.
I will have cute pictures to share and poems to write, stories to tell, my spelling will not be perfect and I may not dot all my i;s.........but I will publish...I will...................Sharon K

Friday, March 07, 2008

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I want to thank Sarah from the blog Horizon

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Do I look calm in this picture........well I took a pill or two.........As I have stated I have lost every thing on my blog so here I am one more time. I promise not to mess up again so please visit me at
http://allmylittleones.blogspot.com/ Sharon K

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Construction Failed..........

Ob boy, did I goof or what, I was working on changing my look and I sure did change it. I lost my back grown and my sidebar, I lost it all.....and now will work on a new Amelia Rose Cottage blog...That is the only way I know to get back to where I was.....I will be back real soon and I have to learn to leave well enough alone......See you soon, Sharon K

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Under Construction...........

I am under construction ......I have the name I want (Amelia Rose Cottage. I have the back grown I want thanks to Tammy from http://gentleretreat.blogspot.com/ My Gentle Retreat. I am working on a new picture of me for My About Me on the side bar. I would love to have a picture of roses by my name Amelia Rose Cottage. If any one out there in blog land knows of some one I could pay to put a picture by the name of my blog I would love information on how to go about this endeavor. I am also working on my sidebar.........so much to do and so little time. I hope by show and tell Friday I will have a new look to show.........Wish me luck.............Sharon K

Friday, May 04, 2007

Show And Tell Friday

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday!" Do you have a something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, an antique find. Your show and tell can be old or new. Use your imagination and dig through those old boxes in your closet if you have to! Feel free to share pictures and if there's a story behind your special something, that's even better! Show and tell is sponsored by Kelli at There is no place like home. I was not sure what to post for show and tell, then I looked out my window and thought....why not show the checked curtains that I made this week. I have not sewed in years and thought why not try again. I went out and bought a machine and fabric and like magic I now have a little summer place at the lake with country curtains.
I like the look that I now have achived. A little bit of country, a little bit of nautical and I am a happy camper. My summer home is a 35 foot trailer and it is little and cozy and fells like home. If it gets to small I will spend a day or so at Amelia Rose Cottage. Now I will have to sit and think about next Friday and the next show and tell. Good work Kelli...........Have a wonderful weekend every one.....Sharon K.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Little Girls Growing Up.........

I went in town this week and received Brittany"s senior pictures and Lindsey's 3rd. grade pictures. And of course I will find a special place for them in my little home at the lake. It seems like yesterday Brittany was in junior high and now she will be a senior in HS in the fall. Senior pictures sure have changed , when my girls were in school they were the normal pictures..... no pearls like I had a hundred years ago. Now the girls take 6 out fits along and change not just the pose but clothes.

This is Lindsey's picture and they are also quite different then the grade school pictures of long ago. This Sunday will be Lindsey's 9Th birthday and one of her gifts is getting a new decorated bedroom...one for a more mature young lady, grandma and mom painted and put a wallpaper border that she chose. We thought she would choose something different then she did. She choose a wallpaper border with puppies...cute little puppies.....and guess what she wants to go with the new room. A puppy of her own. I think Mom and Lindsey may go dog shopping this Saturday. They hope to find a small puppy that is looking for a new home and a puppy bedroom.

I got home today and will work on a few more projects at my little home at the lake. As they say......a lady's work is never done..........Sharon K

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sir Winston And His New Home

As you can see from the picture Winston is so happy to be back at the lake. I was not sure if he would remember his little summer home, but no fear he is quite comfortable and very happy. He found his little bed and is ready for an afternoon nap, sleep tight Winston.

I have posted a few pictures of Winston's summer home.

It is raining and cool in Ohio today so Winston and I stayed in the house. I bought a sowing machine with me, I have my scrapbook material here and of course my laptop and blogs to read.....so I can keep very busy on a rainy day at Winston's new little summer home. Have a good evening..........Sharon K