Wednesday, November 04, 2009

When autum leaves are falling...........

Hi out there in my little blog land, we have a chill in the air and few leaves on the tree's. It is November in Ohio...cold and dark at 6:00. Makes me want to cuddle up with a warm throw and a good book. The picture above hangs in my dining room and I think it say so much about this time of year. It makes me stop and reflect on the all so many blessings I have, and how much I take for granted. I think we live our busy live day to day not realizing how much we have...until it is taken away. I have a friend who lost her mother two weeks ago and another friend who lost her daughter two days ago. I want us all to stop and realize that the family and friends we have are such an important part of our daily live.
I want to thank God for the good health I have today and hope and pray it will stay that way. I want us all to tell those close to us just how much we care.
I will try to think of a blessing each day in November and be thankful for this season we call Autumn and the day we call Thanksgiving.
We live for the bounties of fall, but the harvest of friendship and family is blessed above all. Please take the time to be thankful for all you have and to see the beauty of Autumn.
Love ya, Sharon K