Tuesday, October 05, 2010


This will be my practice blog,   I will write a post and put a picture under the writing.and hope it goes where I want it to go.    I can learn how to do this easy thing.   Now I will find a picture and put it on this post.

  I This is a picture of Jessica Amy Timmy and myself at Jess's wedding. It will be my 4 generation picture.

Above is a picture of Charlie and I at the wedding.   My prayer is that I can watch all of my grandchildren walk down the isle someday.  My youngest is 6 so I have to stay healthy.


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Ms. Code said...

This is a good idea! There are plenty of times that I wish I had a practice blog! :)

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Jadina said...

Hahah good idea.. I hope your "not blog" works out!

Please check out my blog and follow, and ill be sure to return the favor! Thanks! xoxoxo


Shilo said...

Radosnej twórczości!

Syneloi said...

Czy jesteś w jakimś kościele?

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Love this, seriously love this.I respect anyone who runs, no matter what size, shape, etc...

A Paragon of Epicness said...

Awww. The pictures are cute :P


ruzzel01 said...

It's good. Not bad at all. Keep posting more.


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andy said...

Cool I like
you blog

Ernesto said...

Beautifull Wedding!!!!!. Nice to have visited your blog!!!!